Moving tips

optimal movers

  • Albums, and other valuables yourself. You should also try to move these types of items in your car or with you, if possible.
  • Pack all the small miscellaneous items in boxes, wrap any fragile items in paper or bubble wrap and box it. Put heavy stuff in small boxes and light stuff in large boxes. Label all the boxes so the movers could properly arrange them at your new place
  • If the street parking by your building is an issue and there is no special loading dock or loading zone, please reserve a parking space of not less than 30 ft for our truck.
  • Please empty all the dressers, night stands and chests prior the move. We move only empty furniture. We are not responsible for any damages of the stuff left inside the furniture.
  • Movers carry all the necessary tools and equipment for a proper move, but if you like you may take apart the beds, sectional couches or some other bulky furniture in advance to make your move faster.
  • Please keep away children and pets from the moving area. Movers can stop the work if kids and pets are on the way. Safety first!
  • Movers can disconnect your appliances for the move but they don’t hook them up for insurance purposes. Leave this job to your plumber or gas company for your own safety.
  • Please provide our movers with some water. It is hot outside and moving is not an easy job. The crew will really appreciate that.
  • Keep all cash, jewelry documents with you, don’t pack keys you might need to close doors or drive your car.