Terms & Policies

optimal movers


Please, keep in mind that every move is unique. Time and speed of the move depends on different factors such as stairs, elevators, walking distance and general accessibility of the place. So we can give you only estimate time of how long your move can take.

Deposit is required at the time of reservation. Your deposit is fully refundable if you request it 72 hours in advance. Please, see our Cancellation Policy below.

  • Optimal Movers is not responsible for articles that the shipper instructs the crew not to wrap/crate in the interest of saving time/money. Declining usage of any materials releases the carrier from all damages as a result.
  • The carrier (OTIMAL MOVERS) is not responsible for articles constructed of pressed/particle wood (e.g. Ikea)
  • Customer is always responsible for the parking tickets the moving crew might get during the move.
  • Baby cribs may be disassembled by the crew but will not be reassembled.
  • Articles will not be assembled out of box.
  • At no time, for any reason will the crew work without their shoes.
  • At no time for, for any reason will the carrier be held responsible for any mechanical condition disassembling/reassembling and or unplugging any electric devices or appliances.
  • Carpet/floor protectors must be arranged in advance (additional charge), as they are not considered standard equipment to be automatically on the truck.
  • The carrier will not be held responsible for any personal or important documents, currency or jewelry.
  • At no time may the shipper or his /her representative enter or operate any part of the truck.
  • The carrier will not be responsible for any damage to a motorcycle or recreational item unless a condition report was made at origin. (pick up location only)
  • The carrier will not transport any liquids, animals, paint and grill gas or any perishable (propane gas etc.)

OPTIMAL MOVERS,INC is not liable for claims in the following situations:

  • Change in flavor or condition of perishables.
  • Loss or damages caused by the shipper, including improper packing or packing material supplied by the shipper.
  • Mechanical or electrical derangement of musical instruments.
  • Mechanical or electrical condition of any electrical appliances. Service of appliances for transport is the responsibility of the shipper.
  • Mechanical or electrical conditions of exercise equipment.
  • Breakage caused by normal handling of items packed by shipper. (china, glassware, bric-a-brac and or other similar items) unless packed by carrier.
  • Any hazardous materials, including gun and ammunition, may not be transported.
  • Failure on the part of the shipper to abide by the terms of the contract.
  • Liability of the carrier for loss or damage is subject to the shipper complying with the rules for filing claims and the tariff governing the shipment.