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Optimal movers are insured for benefit of our customers.

We have basic moving insurance, cargo insurance, worker compensation insurance, liability insurance to protect our customers and employees. We provide with basic insurance in accordance with California Public Utility Commission (PUC). The insurance provides with $0.60 per pound coverage. All licensed moving companies include basic valuation in the cost of a move, which in California is $.60 per pound per item.

Valuation is based on how much an item weigh. If an item is worth more to you than $.60 per pound, you may want to purchase additional valuation. Another option is to have moving insurance. If you have items of high value, you may be interested to get additional insurance from third party moving insurance companies.

Very often, your homeowners' insurance will cover moving from one residence to another, so please check with your broker. Otherwise we recommend movinginsurance.com. This coverage needs to be obtained prior to the actual move day.

Our movers do their job with great care and the protection of your belongings is our top priority. Accidents do occur, unfortunately.

Business liability insurance. Some apartment complexes and commercial offices require a certificate of business liability insurance. If your building requires certificate of insurance, please, let us know in advance so that we can get the certificate from our insurance company. There is a $50 fee for getting the coverage as it takes time and effort to get it from the insurance company.

Optimal Movers does not offer any coverage for items of exceptional value, such as (iPhone, iPod, iPad, cell phones, laptops, tablets etc.), jewelry, cash, collectible memorabilia, etc. Please arrange the transportation of these items personally or notify our movers about each piece to ensure proper packaging.

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Since the relocation process is a tiresome and overwhelming task, you need to research a smooth and stress-free transportation for your goods. For this reason, you need to be a reliable service provider like Optimal Movers who will guarantee the safety of your items.

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